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        Question & Answer

        Paper sheet thickness range that fit ZENBO machine to manufacturing

        ?The workable paper thickness range of our machine is ranging from 100gram to 350gram, but paper thickness request is variety based on machine model.
        ZB1250S: 200-350g
        ZB1200S: 190-300g
        ZB1200CT/700CT: 120-250g
        ZB1200CS:140-300g ZB700CS: 120-250g
        ZB1200C: 120–300g ZB700C: 100g–190g
        ZB1180AS :150—300g
        ZB50S: 190-350g
        ZB60S: 140-250g
        ZB60B: 120-250g
        ZB50B/50B-2: 170-300g

        Paper types that could work with ZENBO machine.

        ZENBO Machine can work with kraft paper (including embossed paper), art paper, white cardboard, white coated paper (laminated paper) and other types of paper.
        Different paper can choose the corresponding models to produce paper bags. For example:

        ZB1260SF, ZB1260S, ZB1100S, ZB700S, these models are suitable for kraft paper, art paper (laminated paper)

        ZB1200CT, ZB700CT, these models are suitable for art paper, white coated paper, white cardboard (laminated paper)

        ZB1200CS, ZB700CS, if top folding function is needed, they are suitable for kraft paper, white cardboard, grey cardboard, etc thick paper; if no top folding, they also suitable for relatively thinner paper.

        ZB1200C, ZB700C, ZB1180AS, ZB1100A, these models are suitable?for kraft paper, art paper, white paper, white cardboard (laminated?paper)

        Bags types that ZENBO machine can do

        Our machine ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic models, it can produce carry?bags for clothes, shoes, make-up items, gifts, top-grade wine, soft-drink, milk, sports and luxury items, etc fields.

        ZENBO ?advantages

        First: Keep innovating, never stop moving. Every year ZENBO will introduce new equipment to cater to the market and provide unique solutions for some special paper bag products.

        Second: Rich experience. Both in machine producing and paper bag processing industry. We can help to build up your mill from Zero to All.

        ZENBO pre-sale services

        1.Free sample bag making. 2. Take sample making video and photos. 3. Guide clients to ZENBO factory to make the sample bag face-to-face.