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        ZB 1200CT-430

        Fully Automatic Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine
        • ZB 1200CT-430
        • ZB 1200CT-430
        • ZB 1200CT-430
        • ZB 1200CT-430


        ZB1200CT-430 Automatic sheet feeding paper bag making machine (independent innovation) adopts international advanced production process and management system. Humanized intelligence operation interface combines with PLC and Servo control system make this machine’s technology, performance and production efficiency achieve the leading level in the world.
        ZB1200CT-430 possess a large number of independent patents, create the high-speed automatic paper bag production. This machine adopts servo system for top reinforced card taking, realize the top reinforced card paste position adjustable. New “half-blade” device ensure bag body trackless. Adopts with PLC and Servo control system, reserve of extensible intelligent port for future system upgrades and remote services.
        The basic working flow is sheet feeding, creasing, servo top reinforced card taking and pasting, top folding (insert pasting), tube forming, gusset forming, bottom open and gluing, bottom folding and closing, compaction and output.
        All these steps increase the bag making efficiency and reduce the setup time, save a lot of labor cost for top reinforced card pasting. Realize automation, intelligent and high efficiency production requirement.

        Product Video

        Technical parameter

        Max.Sheet(LxW) 1200x600mm
        Min.Sheet(LxW) 540x320mm
        Top Folding Depth 30-60mm
        Reinforced Paper Length 160-410mm
        Reinforced Paper Width 25-50mm
        Sheet Weight 120g-250g/m2
        Reinforced Paper Weight 200g-500g/m2
        Bag Height 220-500mm
        Bottom Width 80-170mm
        Bag Width 180-430mm
        Total Power 16.5kw
        Machine Size 21000x3250x1800mm
        Speed 40-70bags/min
        Total Weight 16.5T
        Glue Type Water soluble cold glue(hot-melt glue)

        Process flow

        Understand the process flow

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