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        Fully Automatic Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine
        • ZB1260SF-450
        • ZB1260SF-450
        • ZB1260SF-450


        Brand new ZB1260SF-450 Fully automatic sheet feeding paper bag making machine (independent innovation) adopts international advanced production process and management system. Humanized intelligence operation interface combines with PLC and Servo control system make this machine’s technology, performance and production efficiency achieve the leading level in the world.
        ZB1260SF-450 is a fantastic fully automatic paper bag making machine which can in-line produce both twisted rope handle and flat handle. This machine has 3 different crafts as below:
        1.Paper handle making、handle pasting、top folding、tube forming、gusset forming、 square bottom open、bottom gluing、bottom pasting、compaction output. 2.Paper handle making、handle pasting(without top folding)、tube forming、gusset forming、 square bottom open、bottom gluing、bottom pasting、compaction output.3. Reinforce card making、reinforce card pasting、top folding、tube forming、gusset forming、 hole punching、square bottom open、bottom gluing、bottom pasting、compaction output.
        This machine equips advanced compact servo handle cut-off system to replace the traditional complex mechanical structure, which reduced the setup time and supplied a comfortable operation space. The bag making machine and handle making unit have separate servo control systems to avoid the handle waste. Intelligent switch between twisted rope handle and flat handle provide a wider range of business scope for customers.

        Product Video

        Technical parameter

        Technical Parameters
        Max.Sheet(LxW) 1200X600 1200X600 1200X600 1200X600
        Min.Sheet(LxW) 620X320 620X320 620X320 620X320
        Sheet Weight 120g-190g 120g-190g 120g-190g 120g-190g
        Bag Width 220-450mm 220-450mm 220-450mm 220-450mm
        Bottom Width 70-170mm 70-170mm 70-170mm 70-170mm
        BottBag Length 235-490mm 235-540mm 235-490mm 235-490mm
        BoTop Folding Width 40-60mm —— 40-60mm 40-60mm
        Handle Patch Length 189mm 189mm 189mm 189mm
        Handle Patch Width 30-50mm 30-50mm 30-50mm 30-50mm
        Handle Patch Weight 140g-200g 140g-200g 250g-350g 140g-200g
        Handle Patch Roll Diameter φ 1000mm φ 1000mm φ 1000mm φ 1000mm
        Handle Patch Roll Width 60-100mm 60-100mm 60-100mm 60-100mm
        Paper Rope Diameter 4-6mm 4-6mm —— Flat rope width 15mm
        Handle Rope Height 170-190mm 170-190mm —— 145mm
        Speed 40-70bags/min
        Total Power 20kw
        Total Weight 24.5T
        Machine Size 18400x5600x2600mm
        Glue Type Water soluble cold glue(hot-melt glue)

        Process flow

        Understand the process flow

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